Tenant Liability Insurance

Our lease requires our residents to carry renters insurance. We have found that this is another inconvenient task in our prospective renters to complete prior to move in day. Insurance agents don’t always deliver on time, or the policy is written incorrectly causing more hassle, more delays. Or a roommate forgets to call their agent, potentially preventing the entire household from moving in until their policy issued.

Rent Smart Property Management is here to make it easy! We have established a Master Tenant Liability Policy. We can add a total of 4 household members to one policy. Insurance companies will only place two on one policy. This is a potential for savings, not to mention convenience.

Optional Rent Smart Master Insurance Policy Coverages:

$100,000 in Liability Coverage
$10,000 in Personal Property Coverage

$12.00 per month, $3.00 processing fee. We are not licensed insurance agents. Please contact us if you have specific coverage policies questions and we will connect you to our representative.

This is an optional offering. You may elect to obtain your own coverage. The declaration for each household member must be received prior to obtaining possession, and the policy must be written to meet our minimum standards. In the event Rent Smart receives advance notice of cancellation, all household members will automatically be enrolled in our Master Policy for the duration of the lease and subsequent renewals with the minimum coverage and admin fee totaling $15.00 per month.

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