Resident Benefits Package

Missoula is a competitive rental market, for both renters and property managers. We want to attract the highest quality renters in Missoula. Rent Smart Property Management strives to be your property manager of choice.

We have designed this package with convenience, transparency and value in mind.

  1. Convenience
    • Utility Concierge to assist you in establishing gas, electric, water, cable and internet.
    • Renters Insurance. Enroll in our Rent Smart Master Renters Insurance Policy. Save time. Save money.
    • Self check in on move in day.
    • Online resident portal.
    • Online maintenance communication and scheduling platform.
    • 24/7 Emergency call center on standby. Always connect to a live person in the event of a maintenance emergency.
    • Electronic move out inspections. Detailed reports of any tenant related defects will be emailed to you and reviewed with you by your property manager. No need to disrupt your already busy schedule to be present during the inspection.
    • Rapid refund for security deposits. If you pass your move out inspection, your full refund will be processed within 48 hours!
    • Landlord Reference Letter provided with security deposit refund.

  2. Value
    • First time forgiveness of payment reversal fee when certified funds are received by the close of business on date notified of reversal. This is a $30.00 value.
    • Current leases are not subject to a late payment fee. This is a $50.00 value per occurrence. 
    • Complimentary one time ozone treatment in the event of unfavorable odors at the time of move out. A $150.00 value.
    • Rent payments reported to the national credit reporting agencies. Build your credit and get rewarded for your timely rent payments.

  3. Transparency
    • Detailed report of property at the time of move in, complete with photos of pre-existing defects to prevent disputes at the time of move out.
    • One on one phone consultation to review move out inspection results.
    • Original vendor invoices supplied with our security deposit disposition and refund.

Optional Rent Smart Master Renters Insurance Policy

Our Master Insurance Policy is $15.00 per month and includes:

$100,000 in Liability Coverage
$10,000 in Personal Property Coverage

We are not licensed insurance agents. Please contact us if you have specific coverage policies questions and we will connect you to our representative.

Resident Benefits Package without the Optional Renters Insurance Policy starts at just $15.00 per month plus $3.00 per each additional leaseholder

$15.00 per month, $100,000.00 liability coverage, $10,000.00 personal property coverage. One policy insures the property. Individual policies are not required through our master policy.

Resident Benefits Package without the Optional Renters Insurance Policy starts at just $15.00 per month plus $3.00 per each additional leaseholder.

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